Helping companies grow

There is no doubt that today’s economic climate presents us with some of the most challenging trading conditions experienced for decades. Times like these can be particularly challenging for many small to medium sized businesses facing the Catch-22 style dilemma of how to invest for growth, without first achieving the growth to fund the investment.

The problem can be particularly acute for small technology based companies, where a high proportion of management time is necessarily directed towards the technology challenge itself rather than towards the development of effective routes to market and an effective campaign strategy to exploit these.

Crucial edge was founded with a mission to help small to medium sized businesses, particularly those developing new technologies in the defence and security sector, to overcome these initial hurdles to growth. Facilitation and support can be provided for business development, strategic planning, capture planning, bid management, commercial & general management, mergers, acquisitions & disposals.

Investing in business ideas

Crucial Edge is keen to support smaller technology based businesses through the early stages of growth, whether this support is simply providing extra bandwidth to an already stretched management team, or is aimed at addressing specific skills/experience gaps in the existing management team. We recognise however, that the affordability of additional senior management support whether through hiring permanent staff or consultants, can often be a serious constraint. For this reason therefore, we are prepared in some cases to work under a Sweat Equity Agreement, or even provide additional capital investment is exceptional circumstances. All investments are subject of course to approval of the client’s business plan and satisfactory due diligence.

Crucial Edge Ltd is registered in England & Wales (No. 8096027) and has its registered office at The Courtyard, Shoreham Road, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3TN