Expert Area 1

The ability to create, articulate and implement a sound strategic plan is fundamental to achieving sustained business success in a competitive environment. Crucial Edge is able to support clients in developing, preparing, presenting and implementing their strategic plan from scratch, or in reviewing and assessing existing plans where required.
The broad base of experience within Crucial Edge means that the planning process is viewed objectively across departmental and functional boundaries, taking into account the needs and objectives of key stakeholders.
Typical elements of the Strategic Planning process proposed by Crucial Edge would typically include the following:
Situational Analysis

  • Mission & values
  • Business / portfolio mix
  • Market dynamics and trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Routes to Market
  • Barriers to growth
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Risk profile

Development of Strategic Objectives

  • Organic growth initiatives (or constraints)
  • “Step-out” growth initiatives (new geographies, adjacent markets, product development, acquisition)
  • Product road mapping (and associated Private Venture investment plan)
  • Assumptions and caveats underpinning strategic objectives
Prepare key Implementation plan(s)
  • Key milestones
  • Business development plan
  • Risk analysis & management plan
  • Finance plan
  • Technology plan
  • M&A plan
  • Human Resources plan

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