Crucial Edge is able to work with clients to set up an appropriate sales & marketing or business development organisation from scratch, or to help analyse or manage existing organisations and facilitate the change process where required.
The sales organisation often represents the most important client facing relationship a organisation has, particularly in relation to new customers. It is within this relationship that customer expectations are first set, and where vital information about client and market needs are established.
Key issues for consideration would typically include:

  • Team structure - balance of internal and external sales resources

  • Current team effectiveness - assessment centres and profiling

  • Routes to Market - effectiveness

  • Use of Agents or Advisors - due consideration of  legal compliance

  • Metrics & incentivisation plans - ownership

  • Technical sales capability - relationship with engineering & projects department

  • Bids & proposals management - structured and effective process

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - vital tool for underpinning performance monitoring and prioritisation of marketing and product development investment.

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